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2015 Teams

TeamDivisionStart Time
2 Fast, 2 Furious, 2 Fabulous6Women8:00
2 Man Crew2Mast7:00
Always Sunny in Philomath7Open8:40
Arrested Development6Mixed7:20
Bad Mother Runners7Women8:40
Barrel to Kegels7Women7:40
Beer Legs7Mixed7:00
Beer Me5Open8:20
Beet Feet 1 (Runners)7Mixed7:40
Beet Feet A (Walkers)7Mixed7:00
Beet Feet B (Walkers)7Mixed7:00
Blazin Bison7Mixed7:20
Bottom of the Barrell7Mixed7:20
Brew Chasers6Mixed7:20
Brewed & Battered7Mixed7:20
Buncha Gecks7Open8:20
Chris OwensSolo5:00
Chuggin' Along6Mixed8:20
Chuggin' Mommas7Women7:00
Cirque de Sore Legs7Mixed8:00
Cog 2 Keg7MxMast7:00
Deuces Wild2Open7:20
Does this Wine make my Beer look Big7Open7:20
Don't Worry Be Hippie4Women7:00
Downwind Advisory7Mixed8:00
False Bottoms7Open8:20
Fast & The Delirious6Women7:20
Foot Patrol in Harlan6Open8:20
Four Bootleggers4Mixed8:00
Girl Bosses6Women8:40
Hop Valley Chasers7Women8:40
Hop Zombies6Mixed8:00
Jeff JonesSolo5:00
Jewel and her Jems7MixedMast7:20
Jose and the Pussycats7Mixed7:20
Las Corredoras 16Women7:40
Las Corredoras Too6Women7:40
Linus Pauling Institute5Mast9:00
Make Way for the Ducklings7Mixed8:00
Mike RoslingSolo5:00
Ministry of Silly Walkers--None Shall Pass5Mast7:00
Ministry of Silly Walkers--Nudge Nudge Wink Wink5Open7:00
Ministry of Silly Walkers--The Spanish Inquisition5Open7:00
Ministry of Silly Walks--It's just a Flesh Wound5Open7:00
Mixed 6 Value Pack7Mixed8:40
MJR and the Skinny Goons4Open9:00
Newport Pub Crawlers7Open9:00
No Walking 'Til The Van Passes7Mixed7:20
No Wineing Over What Ales You7Mixed7:00
Not Fast, Just Furious7Mixed8:20
Overconfident and Undertrained7Open8:40
Parental Anarchy7Mixed8:00
Poetry In Slow Motion4MixedMast8:20
Port-Gene and the Fastholes (The Reunion Tour)7Mixed8:00
Rebecca's Mighty Muffins6MixedMast7:20
Road Soda Rams7Open7:20
Roger SinksSolo7:00
Run Wild5Open8:40
Runaway Moms7Women7:20
Running on EMT7Open7:40
Shake-n-Bake North7Open8:20
Shake-n-Bake South7Mixed8:20
Smarty Pints6Women7:00
Speedy Gonzales7Open8:20
Sporty Sloths7Mixed8:20
Team Ardor4Open8:40
The 4 Amigas4Women7:00
The Bier Steins6Open8:00
The Brew Brothers & Sisters6MixedMast8:40
The Capital Club3Open7:20
The Evergladers6Mixed7:20
The Fat Penguins7Open8:20
The Lost Badgers7Mixed8:00
The Quad Squad7Mixed7:40
The Spunky Whippets5MxMast8:40
Tilth the Death7Open7:40
Tried & True6Women8:00
Veni, Vidi, Vinum6Mixed8:40
We Got the Runs7Open9:00
Worst Pace Scenario7Open8:20
WTF: Where's The Finish?7Mixed7:40
Your Pace or Mine6Open9:00