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Workforce & Education Success Stories


Community Services Consortium has partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of the Greater Santiam and the Lebanon School District to form the Training Teens for Tomorrow program, which gives at-risk students the support needed to complete their educations and a chance to gain valuable job and leadership skills in an innovative new program aimed at stopping cycles of poverty.

The Albany Democrat-Herald featured an article about the program, which you can read by clicking here.


Education Challenge: At risk of not completing high school

Aaron came to CSC through the Newport Alternative School in the summer of 2013. He had been living with his grandmother and was trying to re-connect with his mother. He was behind in school and was having a difficult time moving forward.

Aaron joined the Natural Resource Crew (NRC). The Natural Resource Crew provides education assistance, work readiness training, skills training, and work experience for crew members.  In addition, the NRC provides needed supplies and equipment.

He was provided boots through the program and was excited because the ones he had been wearing were torn and falling off. He put his dead shoes in the dumpster and didn’t look back!

As with any good success story, there were a few bumps in the road, but the CSC team was right there to advocate and support Aaron. The CSC team noticed that his behavior started to deteriorate after he moved in with his mom. He got in trouble at school even though he was only two assignments away from his diploma. With the help of the CSC team, Aaron was allowed to finish the program and complete high school.  He also made the step to move back in with his grandmother and he was back on track.

We provided support so that Aaron was able to get a job as a driver for Undersea Gardens. Looking toward his future, the CSC team  encouraged Aaron to  look at the aquarium science program at Oregon Coast Community College.  

CSC assisted him with the cost of the initial assessments and aided him in obtaining FAFSA scholarships and grants from working as part of the crew in the CSC program. He is now enrolled in the program and taking classes.

Outcome: Aaron is a high school graduate, employed, and currently enrolled at Oregon Coast Community College.


Employer Challenge: Difficulty hiring qualified employees, while balancing the expense of training and effectively completing new projects.

CADD Connections LLC, located at 705 Lyon St. in Albany, OR, hired 14 employees last year while utilizing the Workforce and Education Department’s program called On-The-Job-Training (OJT). OJTs help with the cost of hiring and training new employees in our region. Businesses are reimbursed up to 50% of the wage rate for the costs associated with training and additional supervision related to the OJT during the training period.   

“Our training to new employees included working on actual projects while under the direct training supervision of a senior employee.  In this way, the new employee could perform work at a slower training pace, often 2-3 times more time than a proficient employee, while preserving the funds allocated to the given project because of the OJT training funds made available to our company.  We would definitely use the program again, and have!  In addition, I would highly recommend the program to other companies in the region!” - Herb Yamamoto, CEO

Outcome: 14 new quality jobs added to our community!