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Whistleblower Policy

Whistleblower Policy

Ref No: R1.7-720131

Personnel Policy Amendment No: R.17-72013 Notice of Policy Amendment

Dear Employee:

CSC has added a Whistleblower policy to the personnel policies. The purpose is to offer employees a safe haven to report violations of local, state or federal laws, rules or regulations. The amendment affects all CSC employees as of: 7.01.2012. The amendment modifies Personnel Policy Rule 1. General Statement of Rules to add subsection 1.7, Whistleblower Policy.

Under Section 1.7, Whistleblower Policy: Community Services Consortium does not discriminate against employees who report in good faith alleged violations of local, state or federal laws, rules or regulations.

This change was approved on 6.25.12 by the governing board and on 7.02.12 by the MTM group and reviewed by Susan James, Union President.

If you have any queries regarding this matter do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Stephanie Leffler

HR Director