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Conflict of Interest Policy

Section 23.2 - Outside Employment

Employees shall not engage in compensated outside employment without prior approval from the Executive Director.

Permission to engage in outside employment for less than 30 calendar days in duration while an employee of CSC may be approved by the Program Director. It shall be the responsibility of the Program Director to ensure employees refrain from engaging in work activities which do not meet the following conditions:

  1. Be compatible with the employee’s CSC responsibilities.
  2. Not interfere with or adversely affect the performance or efficiency of the employee’s CSC work performance.        
  3. In no way be a discredit to CSC employment.
  4. Not constitute an apparent or real conflict of interest nor present any liability to CSC due to the nature, conditions, competition or any other aspect of the work activity.

In the event the request is for a longer period, or continuing in nature, the Program Director must submit the request to the Personnel Officer with a recommendation for approval or denial. The Personnel Officer will review the request and make a recommendation to the Executive Director, who may grant or deny the request. Executive Director approval will take into consideration the conditions stated in the above paragraph.

The Executive Director may at any time, with reasonable grounds, revoke permission for any employee to hold outside employment.

Section 23.5 - Political Activity:

No CSC employee, official, or private person shall solicit any assessments, contributions, services or other thing of value or otherwise aid or promote any political committee or the nomination or election of any person to public office during working hours.

Nothing contained in this section shall affect the right of employees to hold membership in and support a political party, to vote as they choose, to express opinions on all political subjects and candidates, to maintain political neutrality, or to attend political meetings during non-work hours.