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Make your home more comfortable, safe and affordable with our FREE weatherization services. Our goal is energy conversation, for you and our community. Learn more and apply below. Federally-funded by the Weatherization Assistance Program.

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Homes save more than $300 a year in energy costs from weatherization services on average! Our in-house crew performs most of our work, and we partner with local contractors for any additional services.

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Though every home is unique in weatherization needs, we perform the following assessments to identify energy-related problems in the home and set a plan for solutions:

  • Heating system safety checks
  • Diagnostic combustion tests
  • Insulation in attics and walls
  • Duct sealing and/or repair

Eligibility for weatherization services depends on household income and is available to both homeowners and renters, with landlord approval.

Our services always start with a home audit from our in-house crew and does not guarantee service delivery.

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CSC Weatherization Assessment Process
Heating & Cooling System Evaluation
CSC Energy Auditors are trained to properly evaluating a home’s heating and cooling system. The focus will be on testing to the furnace performance and efficiency, as well as health and safety checks to ensure adequate drafting. Potential measures may include servicing the equipment or installing a more efficient heating system. 1 of 9
Duct System Evaluation
A CSC energy audit will include duct diagnostic testing to determine how leaky the ducts are, and a visual inspection to evaluate their condition and if they are insulated. Duct sealing and insulation may be prescribed to address issues found. 2 of 9
Air Leakage Testing & Evaluation
A CSC Energy Auditor will use a Blower Door to depressurize the house to measure and looks for air leaks. Remedies for a leaky house may include air sealing with 1-part foam at plumbing and electrical penetrations, Wx-stripping doors and attic hatches, etc. 3 of 9
Building Envelope Evaluation
A CSC Auditor will assess the type and condition of the exterior siding, the roof and the windows. Potential measures may include wall insulation on site built homes, as well as upgrading windows and putting a roof membrane on mobile homes. 4 of 9
Attic Evaluation
A CSC Energy Audit will include an assessment of the attic area to look for health and safety issues, as well as air sealing and insulation opportunities. Potential measure may include venting out a bath fan, air sealing and blowing in more fiberglass insulation. 5 of 9
Underfloor Evaluation
A CSC Audit will include an assessment of the under-floor area for health and safety issues, as well as air sealing and insulation opportunities. Potential measures may include adding a vapor barrier, air-sealing and installing new insulation. 6 of 9
Baseload Efficiency Upgrades
An assessment will be made of the lighting, water heating and use, appliance use, etc. Measures may include giving out LED lightbulbs, water saving devices, assisting to adjust fridge and freezer temperatures. 7 of 9
Client Energy Education
A CSC Energy Auditor will work with a client to see how they are interacting with their home and assess the potential opportunities to change some habits to conserve energy. It is a great way to empower the client to be involved in saving energy and putting more money in their wallet. 8 of 9
Health & Safety Assessment
A CSC Energy Auditor will evaluate the condition of the home for structural, electrical and plumbing issues as well as look for the presence of: Carbon Monoxide, Lead Based Paint, Radon, and excess moisture issues. 9 of 9

What do I need to qualify?

Weatherization services may be available to households that meet the following criteria:

  • Residence is in Linn, Benton or Lincoln County
  • Household meets the income guidelines
  • The legal property owner is willing to provide written authorization for services
  • The residence is not currently listed for sale

What happens after I apply?

We perform weatherization services to more than 100 households annually, and currently have a waitlist. After submitting your application:

  1. You will receive a letter confirming your spot on our waitlist
  2. We will contact you when your spot reaches the top of the list
  3. Due to the nature of the program, we cannot provide set wait times, but you can send us a message anytime to check your application status
  4. The household will be re-verified for eligibility
  5. We will schedule a time to perform your assessment and follow up services

Eligibility Documents

Please note: These documents are required for all adults living in the household, including family, roommates, etc.

Energy Conservation Tips

Energy Education

Looking for ways to reduce your utility bills, improve your energy conservation, and stay more comfortable year-round? Check out our energy education page for easy tips you can start today!

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