Disaster & Recovery


Recovery and prevention services in response to regional natural disasters, supporting, rebuilding, and sustaining our communities.

About Wildfire Prevention and Fire Fuel Reduction Services

Forests that are overcrowded have an abundance of underbrush, shrubs, and debris that fuels forest fires, making them hotter and larger. The Wildfire Prevention Crew remove these fire fuels with chainsaws and other handheld tools to reduce the risk of wildfires.

Fuels Reduction Crew Members generally serve between 3-6 months.

Program Participants will:

Earn $16.50/hr and explore forestry and natural resources careers
Talk with professionals in the field
Gain certifications in wilderness first aid, OSHA 10, chainsaw safety, and more
Learn how to create defensible space around buildings

Support, Revitalize & Recover

Rebuilding Communities


youth & young adult participants

0 +

hours of work readiness training


hours invested into local forests


acres treated with prevention services

Protect & Make a Positive Impact

Wildfire Prevention Crew

Protect our local forests and communities. Learn about forestry and natural resources careers.

Looking to make a positive impact on the environment, learn about natural resource and forestry careers, AND earn money? If you are 18-26 years old, join our Wildfire Prevention Crew to help protect forests in our region through Wildfire Fuel Reduction services.

Why become a Wildfire Prevention Crew Member?

Environmental Stewardship

Exercise your sense of environmental responsibility and a desire to protect our regional natural ecosystems. Engaging in the Wildfire Prevention program allows you to actively contribute to preserving forests and the diverse ecosystems they support.

Community Protection

Wildfires can pose significant threats to our communities. Participating in fire fuel reduction services is a tangible way to contribute to the safety and wellbeing of your neighbors, and explore similar potential careers.


Enjoy the great outdoors by adventuring into lush forest areas for a good cause. Wildfire Prevention activities provide an opportunity to work in nature, develop outdoor skills, gain certifications, and experience learning in a unique, hands-on environment.


Participation in Wildfire Prevention services can serve as a valuable learning experience and a stepping stone for those interested in pursuing careers in forestry, environmental science, natural resources, or related fields. Learn from industry professionals, gain hands-on experience, and relevant certifications.

Teamwork & Networking

Wildfire Prevention Crews require collaboration and teamwork. The social aspect of working with a team towards a common goal and shared accomplishment is an added benefit and great opportunity to meet individuals with similar passions and interests.
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