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With over 40 years of service, CSC is proud of the IMPACT we have made on the lives and wellbeing of over half a million community members.

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With the people we have served, we could fill every seat in Reser stadium 10 times.

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Roofs Over Heads

Over 35% of Oregonians report being unable to pay their upcoming rent due to income or employment impacts from the pandemic. Trying to meet the growing need the last year, our Housing and Utility Assistance programs have been in high demand.


Since the start of 2021, CSC has provided over 1,000 people, comprising 400 households, with rental assistance in Linn, Benton and Lincoln Counties.

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covid-impacted HOUSEHOLDS

Our Supportive Services for Veteran Families program is serving 50 families, totaling nearly 100 individuals. Many of these Veterans have been homeless for longer than a year, receiving assistance with rent, deposits, utility payments, emergency shelter placements and one-on-one case management leading to permanent, safe housing.

Over 2,200 community members, across 1,125 households, have received COVID rental assistance since the start of the pandemic, totaling more than $6 million in assistance.


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Utility Assistance

Utility Assistance has served over 10,200 people this winter, providing more than $2.1 million in assistance with utility bills to our community, and more every day. Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve provided nearly 4,000 people with COVID-related Utility Assistance, totaling more than $846,000.


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total COVID-Related Utility Assistance

Fighting Hunger

In 2020, we provided over 5,00,000 pounds of food to our communities through Linn Benton Food Share, one of our most robust programs.

We make a strong effort to conserve and make our community more sustainable. We saved over 1.5 million pounds of food through the fresh alliance grocery recovery program. We also distributed over 26,000 Farmer to Family food boxes, providing households with high-quality fresh produce, dairy, eggs and more.

With the help of partners and volunteers, we supplied member agencies with enough food for over 381,847 meals and delivered 38,332 emergency food boxes to food pantries.

Our Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) supported 350 elderly community members last year. This program saves participants $500 in food costs annually that they can use for rent, medications and other essential expenses.

We couldn’t do any of this work without our generous, caring community – we had over 300,000 volunteer hours donated to Linn Benton Food Share last year!




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Meeting the Changing Needs

Our COVID Equity Program for Linn, Benton, Lincoln and Polk Counties provided financial support to minority and underserved populations affected by the pandemic. We provided wage replacement payments to over 100 individuals due to job and income loss from the pandemic, totaling nearly $300,000 in assistance.




COVID-positive individuals served

Our OHA COVID Wrap-Around Services program is working seven days a week to help those who have tested positive, or presumed to be positive, for COVID-19 in Linn, Benton, Lincoln and Polk Counties.

We’ve been working one-on-one with over 500 individuals, enabling them to safely quarantine to help keep the infection rate down in our region. Essential services,  such as safe space to quarantine for individuals and their families, financial assistance with bills and households expenses, groceries, and more to allow them to stay home while meeting their needs.

Quarantine can mean paying more for essential needs while also experiencing a reduction in income and facing unpredictable health effects of the coronavirus. By providing community-based wrap-around services and support, we’re letting people know we recognize their sacrifice, we see their need, and we are here to help them successfully isolate.

Assisting with Wildfire Relief

With over 500,000 Oregonians affected and more than 1 million acres burned, CSC is doing everything we can to help our local communities impacted by the 2020 wildfires.

We are working with victims in a variety of ways across our programs. Full time staff are stationed in the Santiam Canyon helping with local relief efforts. We have hired 15 individuals impacted by the wildfires, and continue to hire more, to help with local humanitarian efforts, staffing shelters, working in resource centers and assisting with clean up and rehabilitation for the parks, trails, camp sites and other affected public land.

Through this work and with our partners, we are providing over $2 million in disaster relief efforts and services for our region.


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In Disaster Relief

Working Remotely With Families

We’re working closely with 115 children and families in Head Star while starting our academic year remotely. Our curricula and other helpful resources are available on the website.

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MEALS for Head Start Students

60,000 meals served to students each academic year at Community Services Consortium

Plan for the future

Education For Everyone

Our employment and educational programs provide hands-on training and foster the confidence needed to open doors for future possibilities from as young as our Head Start students, to our youth programs, to adult and whole-family services.

Our Head Start program focuses on the holistic health of children ages 3-5. This includes education, nutrition, mental health services, dental and vision screening, and socialization skills. Traditionally, we offer two meals a day to participants, totaling 60,000 meals in a single academic year.

Our Career Tech Charter High School works with students through hands-on training for industry-specific skills. Whether joining a drone academy, learning about marsh and land mapping, computer coding, cooking, or gardening – our programs are designed to build lasting skills needed for entry-level jobs. Career Tech has worked closely with their 41 students and families remotely during the pandemic, and has helped provide internet and technology to families impacted by the Lincoln County wildfires.

CSC Polk County Youth Programs have continued to offer virtual and safe in-person activities for our youth participants. This includes 3D printing, screen printing, and embroidery in our Makerspace, gardening, culinary arts and hands-on career experience opportunities, like the recent sidewalk reconstruction project through the City of Independence.

Our youth education programs and services have helped 15 students graduate with their GED’s this year, despite transitioning to distance learning. Congratulations to our hardworking grads who are now prepared to go on to secondary education and enter the workforce!

Our dedicated staff are working closely with each of our participants and families to ensure all of our students are safe and receiving the support, training and education to help them explore new opportunities in these difficult times.

In partnership with a caring community

In partnership with a caring community, we help people in Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties to access tools and resources to overcome poverty and build brighter and more stable futures.

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Partnerships Established

We have established over 300 partnerships with local agencies and businesses in which we collaborate on a regular basis to ensure we reach all corners of our communities.

Grateful for all our partners, we have highlighted a few who are constant collaborators as we work towards our collective goal of bettering the lives of Oregonians.

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While our team and our community partners are committed to this work, community support is essential. We welcome all to join us in whatever way you are able in our mission to end poverty and strengthen our communities.