All the Pomp, extraordinary circumstances

From the Lincoln City News Guard:

The road less traveled seldom leads to the same destination.  The road for some students is not typical, as some students don’t fit the mold of traditional educational structure.  Some students have struggles beyond the usual late assignment.  For Career Tech High School students in Lincoln City, they found a place to call home.  They’ve achieved the first destination in laying the stepping-stones for their future…their own way.

Career Tech (a program offered through Community Services Consortium) is an accredited public charter high school. It serves students by means of a carefully crafted program that mixes the best of traditional and technology-based education. Students are offered an individualized learning pathway that is a mix of classroom instruction, active learning both in and out of the classroom and real-world work skills that can be applied to their post-secondary goals. Students take the majority of their classes working with a teacher on site, but are also offered online classes to be able to accomplish additional work outside of regular school hours.

They feature hands-on student and family support, tailored learning plans, small class sizes, outdoor coursework, dedicated supportive staff and feature focused CTE programs. Enrollment is open now online  Call today 541-351-8551.

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