Annual Holiday Food Drive to provide gift card donations beginning Monday

From the Corvallis Gazette-Times:

The Community Holiday Food Drive for Benton County will return this year in a different, coronavirus-influenced fashion.

“This would have been the 40th year, so it kind of would have been a special one,” said Ryan McCambridge, director of Linn Benton Food Share.

It will be special, in a way, in that Benton County residents in need can pick up gift cards for groceries at local food banks in lieu of the usual food basket. This year, $20 gift cards to Corvallis’ Ninth Street Grocery Outlet will be available for pickup at numerous charity and food bank facilities throughout the mid-valley. Upon cashing in gift cards, the grocer will also throw in a dozen eggs.

“This is the safest way we can do that while also providing a benefit for low-income folks that would provide a better relief for the Thanksgiving holiday,” McCambridge said. “We’re keeping the spirit of it alive, but just acknowledging that COVID has changed some things this year.”

Read more about this update here:

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