Benton County community services developing easier access to resources for homeless

From KEZI:

Benton County, the City of Corvallis, the Community Services Consortium, and several local health providers are using the Community ROCKit program to develop a way to guide homeless individuals to helpful resources. The Community ROCKit program has previously partnered with Umatilla, Tillamook, Morrow, and Gilliam Counties to help with problems such as homelessness, childcare affordability, and mental health services.

The Benton County government says this collaboration is coming at an important time, as the COVID-19 pandemic and other economic factors have worsened an already critical housing crisis. Benton County Commissioner Nancy Wyse said this would be an important step towards developing local solutions.

“We don’t need data to see that homelessness is a problem in our community,” said Dina Eldridge, Housing Services Manager of Community Services Consortium. “We need data to help us solve it. That’s where ROCKit comes in, to help identify how we can implement coordinated entry in order to prioritize better connecting the most vulnerable individuals to housing opportunities.”

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