Budget uncertainty from senate walkout main cause for closure of Corvallis homeless shelter, organizers say

From KEZI:

The Unity Men’s Shelter in Corvallis will soon be closing, displacing the nearly 30 homeless residents. Organizers of the shelter said this was not an outcome they desired, and it was the result of deep uncertainty in their ability to continue operating the shelter stemming from the walkout in the Oregon Senate.

However, according to Unity Shelter officials, thanks to the Republican-led walkout in the Oregon Senate that began on May 3, CSC was not able to announce funding opportunities that Unity Shelter could have taken advantage of. Shelter officials said the consortium’s own budget depends on the state budget that went unapproved during the walkout. Unity Shelter said that even if the legislature announces a budget by its adjournment on June 25, it would likely take more than a month for money to become available for the organization.

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