Corvallis church delivering soup for the body and soul to the recently hospitalized

From the Corvallis Gazette-Times:

When you’re on the mend, hot soup and an encouraging message can be a real pick-me-up. In that spirit, Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church is on a mission to get nutrition and the Gospel to people recovering from hospital care.

The idea started a few years back when the congregation was considering high-protein snacks for school kids to help support the community, according to Pastor Eric Bohlmann.

In researching that, a more pressing need was discovered: people leaving hospital stays who need proper nutrition to help them heal.

The focus changed to providing soups with a Gospel message of Jesus Christ written on the label to those recovering from hospitalizations. It was dubbed the Manna Project, a collaboration with Linn Benton Food Share, hospitals, businesses and faith-based organizations distributing soups to combat food scarcity among recovering patients.

The soups are produced locally at Stahlbush Island Farms in Corvallis.

In December, the first 23,000 cans of Soulfull Soup were canned. A second production run is forthcoming.

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