Corvallis School Board Recognizes Native American Heritage Month

From The Corvallis Advocate:

During the Corvallis School Board’s Oct. 21 virtual meeting, Co-Vice Chair Luhui Whitebear presented Resolution Number 21-1003, “Acknowledgement of Native American Heritage Month”, which passed unanimously. The decision marks the Corvallis School District’s commitment to celebrating Native American Heritage Month for November 2021 and every November in perpetuity.

“I’m really excited that, as a Board, we continue to engage in this work to recognize our students and our staff and our families that are being highlighted in these resolutions, and affirming that commitment to continuing to be in it with them and support them,” said Whitebear. “Shauna and Tina and I spent a lot of time on this one…We wanted to make sure that people understood some of the history behind [Native American Heritage Month] and the importance of it not only nationally, but locally.” 

CSC is proud to have and honor Luhui Whitebear as a member of our Community Action Advisory Council (CAAC).

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