Hands-On Learning Leads to High School Graduation and Job Training, Thanks to Unique Program at CSC

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From The Independent and The Polk County Itemizer-Observer (Polk IO title: ‘You reap what you sow’):

Sitting at a desk is nearly impossible for many high school students. And for some, it’s the biggest barrier to graduation – unless rescue arrives in the form of hands-on education.

Located in a wing of the Henry Hill Education Building on 5th Street, it’s a hub of the Community Services Consortium (CSC), and twice a year it has a graduation ceremony for youth and young adults who otherwise might have fallen through the system’s cracks.

From learning a trade, such as masonry, to mastering restaurant cooking, the program has helped many students with challenges that can make it difficult to fit into a regular school setting; It has been described as a “life raft” by those who have seen it change lives.

“We have a great partnership with CSC in supporting students that may struggle in a traditional public school,” said Jennifer Kubista, superintendent of Central School District 13J. “Our partnership has allowed students to not only earn their GED, but also continued to give students a pathway to earn their high school diploma based on our current model,” she said, adding: “We look forward to the continued partnership for the success of students.”

Read the full article from The Independent at trammartnews.com/the-independent/hands-on-learning-leads-to-high-school-graduation-and-job-training-thanks-to-unique-program-at-community-services-consortium

Read the full article from The Polk County Itemizer-Observer at www.polkio.com/news/you-reap-what-you-sow/article_aae60df4-9cb0-11eb-a5e0-3fa3b0299c67.html


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