Organizations team up to provide childcare (during pandemic)

From an At Our Best article from the Albany Democrat-Herald:

Community Services Consortium (CSC) makes a $50,000 donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis (BGCC) in support of their pivot to childcare for essential workers in the midst of the pandemic.

BGCC has been providing safe childcare, outreach, meals, and educational services, 10.5 hours per day five days a week, to working parents in Benton County since April of last year
despite school closures.

At the start of 2021, CSC partnered with BGCC to provide supportive funding to help continue the services for working parents. CSC contributed $50,000 of federal CARES act funding to BGCC, used to support their staff, outreach, and resources for participants.

“The funds we received from CSC really helped us cover our costs and keep the price of childcare low for families who had not budgeted for full-day childcare when youth are normally in school.” said Higgins [Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis Executive Director], “The cost of the program is usually $45 a day per child and we are only charging our parents $100 a week.”

The modified BGCC program is providing services for families working for over 50 different employers in the region, with kids from all eight schools, allowing parents to continue working and local businesses to retain their employees.

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