“Partnerships Form Where the Sidewalk Ends”

From the Polk County Itemizer-Observer:

A simple sidewalk project brought about opportunities for collaboration and education.

About a year ago, Claire Osborn asked city of Independence staff if they had a program in place to help homeowners with the cost of sidewalk repair and replacement.

“They didn’t at the time and (Public Works Director) Kie (Cottam) said he would look into it,” Osborn said. “We’re the pilot.”

The city teamed with Community Services Consortium, Willamette Workforce Partnership and Monmouth-based Allied Drilling and Concrete to get the job done.

Read more from the Polk IO at https://www.polkio.com/news/partnerships-form-where-the-sidewalk-ends/article_d2d02778-0e85-11eb-babb-8b8a2a6b5296.html

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