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CSC Youth Garden
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Community Services Consortium has been serving youth and young adults in Linn, Benton, and Lincoln counties for over 20 years. Our youth programs strive to engage youth as active participants in preparing for their future. We help them discover their strengths and identify their challenges in a supportive environment that emphasizes positive outcomes.

CSC youth programs include opportunities for academic improvement, work readiness skill building; and learning job specific skills on our Natural Resource Conservation Crews, in our Youth Garden, or onsite with local employers. Older youth may also gain valuable construction skills while completing their education in our YouthBuild program.

CSC youth may enroll in Career Tech Charter High School or our Learning Opportunities Centers (alternative high school education), where they receive individual assistance in small classrooms to earn their high school diplomas or GEDs. In our Independent Living Program, we assist foster youth with the transition to living on their own and prepare them for life after foster care by developing of a plan for the future and training them in life skills.

In all of our youth programs, we offer young people the opportunity to build their confidence as capable individuals who can make a difference in their own lives. Some youth come to us with no job experience and think they have no skills; CSC staff helps them to see that helping their families and going to school have given them important skills with which to start their employment careers. Other youth have worked and feel confident in their work skills, but are failing in school and ready to give up on it; we help them to identify what is holding them back in the classroom and empower them to make the changes necessary to succeed.

For more information about CSC Youth Programs, view the links below, or contact:

Sean Larsen

Youth Program Manager
Community Services Consortium
Phone: 541-758-2649; FAX: 541-752-2348

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