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Back-Pack Program

Through the generous donation of time and effort by volunteers in Newport and Lincoln City, CSC Head Start is excited to have backpack programs in two of our three Head Start locations in Lincoln County. Two organizations provide backpacks for Head Start: The Friends of Head Start of Lincoln County in Newport and Business for Excellence in Youth in Lincoln City. Children at those Head Start locations are able to carry food home over the weekend to meet their nutritional needs.

Backpacks are provided for those children identified by their individual teachers as having food insecurity issues at home. Volunteers secure food from their local food pantries, sort and package the food, and then load up the backpacks, which are provided discreetly to the children at the end of the school week or before extended school vacations.

Our dedicated volunteers demonstrate one of the values we promote at CSC Head Start: We care about our children and families and strive to be a support system for them in their time of need.

For more information about Head Start’s Backpack Program, contact:

Diana Warren, MPH
Health and Nutrition Specialist
Head Start of Lincoln County
Phone: 541-574-7690 x 503

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